About Sling Health STL


Sling Health STL the founding chapter of a national student-run non-profit organization founded in 2013 by medical students at Washington University in St. Louis in order to confront the surplus of unsolved clinical problems they encountered within the hospitals. Our organization brings together a diverse group of students, clinicians, and local entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize medtech solutions that ultimately improve patient health care.

Our main objectives are:

  • To make medical entrepreneurship attainable for students and physicians
  • To integrate students from the schools of medicine, business, engineering, and arts & sciences to develop novel devices and software in order to tackle unmet clinical needs.


Our organization cultivates student-led teams through a nine-month experiential program, which includes clinical assessment, prototype creation, and business development. The teams also receive opportunities to pitch in various competitions and events, including our annual Demo Day. Furthermore, team members retain 100% of the intellectual property and equity of the solutions they create through the program.

Sling Health STL teams receive resources, support, and mentorship throughout the process. Resources include:

  • Initial funding
  • Lab, office, and workshop space
  • Prototyping tools and equipment
  • Legal services including patent and incorporation support.
  • Mentorship from clinicians, industry experts, and local entrepreneurs via design reviews

Our program is open to colleges, university, and residency program in the St. Louis region including Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis University, and University of St. Louis in Missouri.

If you'd like to help make our mission and program a success, we welcome you to participate, mentor teams, or submit a clinical problem.


Ramin Lalezari

Chief Executive Officer & President

Rachel Goldberg

Vice President

Ian Schillebeeckx

President Emeritus

Christopher Chermside-Scabbo

Co-Managing Director

Aadit Shah

Co-Managing Director

Charlotte Guertler

Chief Operations Officer

Stephanie Feit

Chief Financial Officer

Kavon Javaherian

Chief Medical Officer

Rohan Gujrati

Chief Communications Officer


Ruskin Singh

Programming Officer

Benny Chen

Marketing Officer

David Allston

Legal Chair

William Wang


Annelise Mah

Assistant Managing Director

Steven Monda

Assistant Managing Director

Tedan Hu

Creative Content and Deep Learning Director

Jake Ireland

Special Program Director



Clinical Outreach Officer


Clinical Outreach Officer


Engineering School Officer


Medical School Officer


Business School Officer